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Who Are We? 


We are New Life Foundation, a Christian non-profit organization based in Moshi, Tanzania. Our work revolves around helping the needy, unprivileged, and orphaned children by providing them with quality English medium education and training. We also rescue, support, and empower young women at risk of prostitution (or human trafficking) and teenage mothers ostracized by their community. New Life Foundation also provides shelter and care for abandoned babies and orphans.

At New Life Foundation, what others call trash, we call treasure.

Our Core Values 

We believe in the Bible

New Life Foundation is a Christian organization. We hold the Bible as the Word of God himself, and therefore the foundational and final authority of what we do.

We are guided by Christ-like love

We believe in Jesus Christ as the perfect model for life and services. Everything we do is guided by his example of selfless and unconditional love.

We are committed to serving children

We believe that children will lead the future and that God desires them to live to their maximum potential. This inspires our call to serve children and advocate for children’s ministry in the body of Christ.

We are committed to serving the needy

We believe that God’s heart hurts when children’s hearts hurt. For that reason, we are inspired to transform the living conditions of orphans and other children in need.

We are committed to transformational education

We believe that knowledge has the power to transform, and we are committed to transforming society through quality Christian education.

We are committed to integrity and service

We are guided by honesty, transparency, and accountability in our use and allocation of the resources we are stewards of.

As such, the organization requires staff-specific qualifications consistent with the core values of our work. For more information about our operations visit:

Job vacancy: Assistant Communications Officer


New Life Foundation is an international Christian non-profit organization currently incorporated in 4 other countries besides Tanzania. The organization benefits from perpetual smooth communication between donors, sponsors, and supporters. NLF also relies on social media to communicate its impact to a wider audience and the general population. As such, a sturdy communication department is a vital organ of the organization and its support partners.

Who we are looking for:

  • A born-again and spirit-filled Christian. An official letter from the home-church pastor will be required as part of the recruitment process.
  • A skilled communicator with excellent written and verbal English.
  • Skilled with writing and editing tools, especially Microsoft Word, Google docs, Canva, and basic video editing skills.
  • Strong initiative and ability to take on projects with minimal supervision.
  • Teachable, humble, and a person who loves children.
  • A storyteller with a knack for creating engaging content.
  • Preferably, previous experience with non-profit

Duties and Responsibilities

Taking part in developing a communication strategy that includes a social media plan. Developing a monthly social media calendar with content around New Life Foundation’s work and stories.

To support and track communications with external partners and co-founders

Maintain and contribute a media database of the organization and its contacts.

Write, edit, and distribute various types of content including material for the website, social media, press releases, and marketing material, including contributing to the NLF primary website by providing text, photographs, and audiovisual materials.

Assist in email distribution systems; maintain all distribution and email lists for the organization

Create project-specific media to support various teams

Compile, distribute, and track reports, brochures, invitations, and other communication to support stakeholder engagement.

Prepare, edit, and format documents (memos, letters, presentations, etc) to support the Program Team.

How to apply

Send applications to the following email address:

Be careful to attach the following items:

  • An application letter
  • An updated Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • An introduction letter from your home-church
  • Relevant certificates pertaining to this role