"To NEW LIFE FOUNDATION. If you tell me to write about my testimony it will take a lot of millions papers and pages to describe and explain and define about you but only few words of gratitude will cover all those millions paper the word of thanks goes to you it's very short but sincerely it comes from my heart I cannot explain how grateful I am it wasn't so easy for me to be where I am right now if it wasn't for your support your love your kind it takes a lot of words to explain I can't explain everything about you. I will always remember where I came from all the good things that I received from you I will make sure to share with others the love the kind the caring every motivations it will never be wasted. Without forgetting the most precious thing I've ever received at NLF is everything about GOD. I might be saying a lot of things but I'll end up by saying thank you so much God bless you."

Tina Abel Christian