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Arusha National Park Study Tour - 2021

Fountain of Hope Christian School is located on the north-eastern side of Tanzania about 800m above sea level at a strategic location in Moshi town. Right from the school one can see Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain, with its ice-capped peak rising above the clouds. Visitors from abroad enjoy the absolute beauty of this view and the general atmosphere of chill and tranquillity around the school environment.

Mt Kilimanjaro

Students at Fountain of Hope Christian School go on a school trip at least a once-a-year to one of the five national parks within a day’s drive from the school. In the past, our students have enjoyed hiking Mt Kilimanjaro, safari drives to wildlife parks, and cultural trips to museums and historical sites. These experiences have been priceless to our children as they get to connect with nature and history, whilst refreshing and enjoying.

Study Tour 2021

This year, was no different. Our candidate classes, grade 7 and Form 4, got a first-hand wildlife experience as they made a drive through the rainforest reserve of Mt Meru in Arusha National Park. Grade 7 and Form 4 will graduate on the 25th of September 2021, and we thought it best to send them home with a fresh memory of a picnic.

IMG 3620-749

The day started at 7:00 am, everyone was dressed and ready to go. A short while after, the tour bus pulled up on the school’s driveway. The children excitedly loaded their lunch and drinks to the bus. By 7:30 am, everything was set for Arusha National Park. After a prayer from one of the class teachers, we were on our way...

F4 students-min-530

The two-and-a-half-hour drive to Arusha National Park didn’t feel anything like 150 minutes at all – it was more like 10 minutes. The atmosphere inside the bus was that of praise, worship, and nothing but good vibes.

Yes! They even brought a guitar on a safari trip – because why not?

We were in good spirits as we pulled up at the entrance gate of the Arusha National Park. The National Park is popular with elephants, so it was only fitting for our tour guides to brief us in front of an exact replica of a mature male elephant at the park’s entrance gate. Because, again, why not?

Giant Elephant
Courtesy of Season Master Adventures

Here is a fun-fact about elephants! 
Elephants are almost always eating? They can eat well over 130 kg of food a day! Not only that but their poor digestion leaves most of the food they eat essentially unprocessed, so they help disperse seeds of various plants and vegetation by defecating everywhere. In simple terms, elephants plant trees – did you know that?

After a quick briefing and some photo-shoots at the park's entrace, we were underway on our game drive.

IMG 3584-334

The Drive


Arusha national park feels like a few national parks squeezed together to give a visitor the entire feel of the African safari trip across the 53 square-mile area. Although the climate is primarily that of a typical rain-forest, some regions consist of a mesh between grasslands and the highland forest.

Oh! Keep your eye out, lest you miss the giraffe amongst the bushes.

IMG 3875-10

Or zebras scuttling across the dirt road.

IMG 3884-711

Or a herd of buffalos just chilling in the sun.

IMG 4126-535

Or just the nice view of the Arusha National Park in its natural glory.

IMG 3898-728

Or Baboons just grooming each other.

IMG 3892-542

Fun Fact: Grooming has plenty of hygienic benefits for baboons. But there are other ulterior motives as well. According to one study, a baboon would offer to groom another in exchange for benefits or a favor later on.

About an hour later, we found ourselves at the beautiful Momella Lakes, a system of alkaline lakes thought to be formed from the volcanic debris created when Mount Meru blew up thousands of years ago.

IMG 3795-848

Makes for a good photo-shoot location!

IMG 3818-469

Animals don’t drink from these lakes because the waters are too alkaline. But you can spot a few zebras or buffalos at the shore enjoying the breeze (and the view!).

One thing you are sure to see is plenty of Flamingos.

IMG 3859-667

The lakes are a popular breeding site for pink Flamingos.
Did You Know? A large group of flamingos is called Flamboyance

Example: a (flamingo) flamboyance at Lake Momella.

We had lunch at one of the many campsites within the park.

IMG 4087-690

It had a mountain model in the shape of Mount Meru


Excellent spot for taking pictures I tell you!

Arusha National Park-min-721

We concluded the day with the last game drive on our way out. Fulfilling day.
New Life Foundation Yatimiza Miaka 20 Yenye Mafanikio Makubwa
New Life Foundation ni shirika la kikristo lenye makao yake makuu Moshi mjini, mkoani Kilimanjaro. Lilianzishwa miaka 20 iliyopita na Glorious Shoo, mchungaji wa kanisa la Assembles of God Tanzania pamoja na mke wake, Mchungaji Josephine. Watumishi hawa walianzisha shirika hili kama kuitikia wito wa mzigo wa kuwasaidia watoto maskini na yatima waliokua nao. 
Amazing opportunities at New Life Foundation

Glorious Shoo
"There is no greater investment than investing in the lives of children"
– Glorious Shoo, President New Life Foundation.

Over twenty years ago, God spoke to our founders, Glorious and Josephine Shoo about starting a ministry to children. The couple was specifically touched to serve the needy and orphaned children by providing them with quality education and Christian-based parenting. From the very beginning, it was apparent that they would not have to do it alone. Indeed, God has been very faithful in bringing the best staff to New Life Foundation over the years. 

Who are we?

We are New Life Foundation, a Christian non-profit organization based in Moshi, Tanzania. Our work is primarily focused on serving needy, unprivileged, and orphaned children through providing them with quality English medium Christian-based education and training. We also rescue, support, and empower young women at risk of prostitution (or human trafficking) or teenage mothers who have been ostracized by their community or families. We also provide shelter and care for abandoned babies and orphans.


At New Life Foundation, what others call trash, we call treasure.

Our Core Values

We believe in the Bible
Fountain of Hope 3 44-min-105-798

We hold the Bible as the Word of God himself, and therefore the foundational and final authority of what we do.

We are guided by Christ-like love
FB IMG 1628498020929-709

We believe in Jesus Christ as the perfect model for life and services. Everything we do is guided by his example of selfless and unconditional love.

We are committed to serving children
Serving the children

We believe that children will lead the future and that God desires them to live to their maximum potential. This inspires our call to serve children and advocate for children’s ministry in the body of Christ.

We are committed to serving the needy
Serving little children

We believe that God’s heart hurts when children’s hearts hurt. For that reason, we are inspired to transform the living conditions of orphans and other children in need.

We are committed to transformational education
Lucas in class-517

We believe that knowledge has the power to transform, and we are committed to transforming society through quality Christian education.

We are committed to integrity and service
New Life Foundation staff

We are guided by honesty, transparency, and accountability in our use and allocation of the resources of which we are stewards.

As such, the organization requires of its workers (both staff and volunteers) specific qualifications that are consistent with the vision, mission, and core values of our work. For more information about our operations visit:


Opportunities at New Life Foundation
This September, New Life Foundation is excited to announce some interesting opportunities that qualified candidates can apply for at various teaching and non-teaching positions available at the organization. Join us in playing a role in shaping future world transformers by actively investing in the lives of children today. Join our team in one of the following positions

  • • Librarian
    • Secretary 
    • Cook
    • Health Officer 
    • Early Childhood teacher 
    • Secondary School Teacher

Necessary Qualifications

Our applications process is rigorous but fair. We take very seriously the mission that God has laid in us, and therefore, we are very careful in taking on people to join us in this ministry. We encourage you to take a minute to read our vision, mission, and core values ahead of sending your application.
  • •    The candidates are required to be born-again Christians, spirit-filled, and actively involved in their home-church. A recommendation letter from their home-church pastor will be required as part of the application process.
    •    Fluency in English (reading, writing, and speaking) and experience with academic writing or content creation in English will be an added bonus. 
    •    Passionate about children’s ministry, mission-driven and interested in making a positive impact on future generations by investing in the lives of children


Additional Information

•    Secondary school teachers required are those in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, and English language 
•    Health officer candidates with prior experience in nursing or certified clinical officers are preferred. 
•    Prior experience with children’s ministry or non-profit experience is preferred

How to Apply

Tell us about your skills and experience, why you’re passionate about children, and how you would contribute to New Life Foundation in serving needy and orphaned children in a cover letter. Attach relevant certificates and documents that demonstrate your skills and experience in the area that you are applying. We will also need to see your CV and a letter of recommendation from your home-church pastor as well. In summary, your application should contain the following:

  • •    An updated CV or resume
    •    A cover letter
    •    Academic certificates and documents relevant to the post you are applying.  
    •    Recommendation letter from your home-church pastor

Send your application to the following address:

Your application should include the subject heading of your interest position, for example, if you are applying for a Librarian position, the subject heading would be, “Librarian”. The deadline for this application is September 8th, 2021.

Note: Please be careful enough to attach all the required items in the application as failure to do so may disqualify your qualification. For more information, you can call/ text this number: +255 766 692363.

We wish you all the best as you apply.



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