New Life Foundation as an organisation, is founded on prayer.  Daily prayer and worship are an integral part of every day life at the Foundation of Hope Boarding School.

  • for answered prayer for new teachers in the primary and secondary schools
  • for our local volunteers and international volunteers
  • for great results in the national exams
  • for the completion of two preliminary phases of our 10 year strategic plan
  • for good yields of beans from our school farm and the great progress of our maize
  • for the establishment of Kilimanjaro Fountain of Hope University - a unique Christian university
  • for a great financial breakthrough for NLF
  • for registration month for our next form five (A-Levels) intake in July
  • for the Grade 7, Form 2 and Form 4 students as they study and sit their national exams
  • for the success of our students as they enter the National Young Scientists Contest 
  • for Fountain of Love's - Training of Trainers in Kigoma, Northern Tanzania
Arkansas Ladies Group
We are a ladies home group from a church in Judsonia, Arkansas.  We are so very thankful for all leadership and workers at NLF and your labour of love and commitment and faithfulness to the Kingdom of our God.  We have recently started a 'prayer of focus' board during our group time.  Each week we pray for a specific ministry and this week we prayed for New Life Foundation.  We have sent a few of the prayers we prayed over the workers and children to encourage and strengthen all.

In Jesus name, may you continue to increase in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men.  Lord, would You send Your Holy Spirit before Pastor Shoo to every person he is to come in contact with and prepare their heart for his coming.  Soften their hearts and draw them near to You and prepare them for Your purpose.  Cause people to have a great desire to give abundantly beyond all that he asks for, or even thinks, according to the power that works within him.  Thank you that You supply all his needs according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus.  Lord we ask You to be that light that directs his path.  You alone can lead him and we thank You for leading him faithfully.  We thank You that this school is Yours and you already know how You are going to provide abundantly for it.  I praise You that the same Spirit that raised Jesus Chirst from the dead lives in Pastor Shoo and will direct him and guide him.   Bless this special man and his family with new revelations of your love and provision.  In Jesus name, I pray and thank You because I know that everything I ask is according to Your will, so it is a yes! and amen.

Heavenly Father in Heaven, we pray for your anointing hand on NLF.  Provide all their needs (Phil 4:19).  Open the hearts of the children to receive You in their hearts.  Renew and strengthen Pastor Shoo and his staff (Phil 4:19).  In Jesus Christ name.

I declare and decree:  that You God, grant these children supernatural strength and ability to fight the good fight of faith.  That they are qualified to share in Jesus inheritance.  That they are reconciled to God, firmly rooted, built up and established in the faith.  A steward of great wealth and an ambassador of Christ, the Light of the world.  That healing power flows through them to lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.  That they are anointed by God.  That there is a hedge of protection around them.  That they would never be broke a day in their life.  That God, You would provide for them, with wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  That You God, would equip them with multiple streams of income at a young age and You God would equip them with multiple multi-million dollar ideas, inventions and strategies.  That You God represent them in the other realm.  That You, God give them authority and power to show Satan's tactics and overcome his attacks.  That no weapon formed against them shall prosper.  That they are healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ, from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet.  I announce that You, God will bless them and You, God will have the power over them.  It is not by their might nor by their power but by the Spirit of the Lord.  When the enemy comes in like a flood.  You God are going to lift up a standard against them.  In Jesus name, Amen.