We have lots of great sponsors that help us do what we do. Here are some of our wonderful sponsors:
Fife Foundation, founded by Gina Satterthwaite (right), was inspired by her grandmother Margaret Fife whose hard work and philanthropic values are grounded in the Foundation today, with a focus on commitment, compassion, reciprocity and creativity.The Fife Foundation proudly supports the New Life Foundation and has donated land for the community to use, funds to build a new secondary school and it has also funded projects that enhance safety & wellbeing for vulnerable women.
Gina Satterthwaite Fife Project
Uniway was established by Charles MacLean (right) in 1984 to provide independent advice to businesses and home users. Since 1987, the team at Uniway have assisted insurance companies with claims.  They are specialists in this area and have been able to provide solutions to thousands of satisfied customers. Since 1987, Uniway has provided support to many organizations both in New Zealand and Overseas. Uniway  has donated generously to the New Life Foundation
Charles MacLean uniway-team-photo-1
Geoff Matthews, Chairman of New Life Foundation (NZ) Trust has been a beekeeper since the age of 13 years. His semi- commercial beekeeping venture totatling about 30 beehives supplies honey and beeswax to both local and overseas customers. Geoff is a Government bee disease inspector and also a popular speaker at conferences and horticultural groups. Profits from the sales go to the New Life Foundation
Hives Honey