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At New Life Foundation, we receive children starting from age zero – usually orphaned babies and abandoned children. In addition to receiving orphaned/ abandoned babies, we also help children living in extremely poor conditions or those coming from challenged backgrounds. One such group of children includes those that come from isolated or undeveloped communities. Over the past 20 years of our operations, New Life Foundation has been a recipient of children coming from nomadic, remote, and other tribes largely considered as “primitive” by the general population of the country. 

Through the sponsorship program, we have been able to touch the lives of over 1000 needy or orphaned children by providing them with quality education that comes along with 24-hour complete care for the child.
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What is Child Sponsorship?

Child Sponsorship is a process of connecting with a child in need in a special and personal way that allows the sponsor to interact and take care of a child in need. This is done through our sponsorship program. In this program, a sponsor will select a child they wish to sponsor from our Children Profile list and then follow through with the instructions to sponsor the child.

How do you sponsor a child?

We have a wide variety of ways from which you can opt to sponsor a child. The standard procedure is to visit our sponsorship page and read through the profiles of children currently in need of sponsors. Our profiles reflect the personality, potential, talents, and a brief background of the child. We do our best to introduce our children in an engaging and interesting way. When you find the child you wish to sponsor, follow the link and fill out the form, and follow through with the instruction. Usually, we would reach out to you within a day or a few hours to facilitate the sponsorship process. 

Alternatively, you can send us an email to any of the following addresses:

Feel free to include the name of the child you wish to sponsor along with any other inquiries you may have about our sponsorship program. We love hearing from you!

How does the sponsor communicate with the child?

Sponsors get to communicate regularly with their sponsored children through a dedicated online platform that links the sponsor to the child. In this personalized form of communication, the sponsor is free to reach out anytime and expect an update. Likewise, a sponsor can log into their profile anytime to find a hand-drawing birthday card from their sponsee or an Easter Greeting. Sponsors get to enjoy regular pictures, poems, stories, and other forms of updates from the beneficiaries along with regular monthly updates from the children.  
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How long can someone sponsor a child?

Ideally, the sponsorship period would last throughout the years of school of the child until they graduate O-level education (an equivalent to grade 10 in the U.S) and move away from New Life Foundation. 

How does it feel to sponsor a child?

Although individual experiences differ, Child Sponsorship, in general, is very rewarding for the sponsor. Our president, Glorious Shoo, always says "the greatest investment you can make is investing in the lives of children". Sponsorship is an excellent way to invest and impress a lasting impact on the lives of children. It shows a child that someone out there believes in them and cares for them.

In addition to all that, sponsors get to enjoy a very personalized relationship with their sponsored child. Special treats include:

  1. Regular letters and updates
  2. Handwritten words of encouragement, scriptures, and drawings
  3. Personal holiday and school experiences
  4. The Joy of an active part in transforming lives

Sponsor Testimonies

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In 2002, David and his wife Carol accepted an opportunity to sponsor a child New Life Foundation. David was informed that the child had lost both of his parents and was under the care of an uncle who could hardly meet his needs. David described his first encounter with the child as being “a shy little fourth-grader who wasn’t exactly sure why a family from America was showing interest in him”.
They sponsored his primary and secondary school education as well as helping him complete an additional two years of post-secondary education away from New Life Foundation. David recalls a recent visit to New Life Foundation in 2019 where he reunited with the child – now a confident young man, making his own living and raising a family of himself. To be able to impact the lives of the people at school and to see that with one student, in particular, has been such a privilege for David and his family. The young man they sponsored (Calvin) is now actively involved in his community back in Moshi where he resides with his family. David and Carol are still in contact with him as they continue to sponsor another child at New Life Foundation.