Sponsor a Child

We appreciate so much your interest in sponsoring a child through New Life Foundation.

The current cost of sponsorship is $NZ70 per month for New Zealand sponsors or $US80 per month for USA sponsors.  This monthly payment covers 24-hour care of each student including: accommodation, 4 meals a day, clothing and school uniforms, textbooks, medical care, stationery and hygiene supplies, etc.  We realize this cost is higher than other aid organisations, however, most of these agencies provide just one meal a day and schooling as opposed to the NLF full-time wholistic care of each child.

Shared sponsorship is also available - please contact your local NLF office for further details (click here). 

Our process around sponsorship is as follows:

  1. Please choose a child/children that you are interested in sponsoring from the list below and make a note of their name.
  2. Contact your local NLF office (click here)
  3. If you simply wish to make a one-off Donation - please click here.

Children In Need Of Sponsors